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Google Analytics 4 + AMP pages

Currently Google Analytics 4 the only analytics processing data and working from July 1, 2023. Including AMP pages requires Google Analytics 4.

Backend-Frontend with Laravel 8, Vue.js 3 and API for Blogs

This is basic programming for Full Stack Developer or Backend and Frontend using Laravel 8, Vue.js 3 and JSON API for Blogs.

Firebase, Node.js and React on MacOS

In this tutorial we are going to learn the installation of Firebase, Node.js, npm, and React on macOS.

Difference, Similarity, Implement 301 Redirect Vs Canonical

Google doesn’t like duplicate content, then need a solution, implement 301 redirect or Canonical. By knowing the difference and similarity.

EAT is Important to YMYL Websites

EAT makes important decisions of users of YMYL websites, for example in product purchases, health information, etc.

Create SEO Breadcrumbs to Rank Higher in SERP

In terms of SEO, Breadcrumbs communicate the content of your pages to search engine robots. Breadcrumbs can help a website’s pages rank higher in SERP.

Google Tag Manager Settings with Analytics ID

Firstly, make sure, you are the owner of your website, that's important. Secondly, need a Google Analytics ID. Thirdly, you will do Google Tag Manager settings.

Google AdSense PPC Value to be High, Perfectly!

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. PPC value depends on several things that will be explained and to be high.