Website Design Main Questions that Client Needed

Teguh Arief

Oct 26, 2020

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Illustration of website design questions.

The process of new project begins with client interviews about their needs. Here are the main questions that are needed.

  1. Describe client business in a few sentences? Client to sum up their business in a few short sentences about client level of experience in the industry, vision of the future, as well as size, location, and background.

  2. What are the goals for this project? Current site looks old and dated alongside client competitors, or increase the amount of visitors, the average order size, brand visibility, etc.

  3. Who is target audience? User demographics and psychographics, such as media consumption habits, slang words, and lifestyle choices.

  4. Who are client main competitors? Client point out the things they likes and dislikes on their competitors websites.

  5. What makes client different from competitors? Client knowing their unique selling point from competitors.

  6. What specific features on the site? If a client runs a restaurant for example, it will need the opening hours and menu included, whereas if a hotel, may want an online booking form. Or client has any branding materials or style guides that need to be incorporated into the site’s design.

  7. Least favorite website design? Client tell up their least favorite websites and point out the design elements, features, and styles.

  8. What’s the scope of the project? Client’s final deadline, flexibility in the timeline and budget, and the web content.

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