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Internet Marketing Property

Today internet has become one of main communication tools in marketing property.

Creation Search Engine on Laravel sites using Solr

Search engine has become a useful tool in today's internet world.

Importing MySQL databases using Solr DataImportHandler

Solr is both a search engine and a distributed document database.

Send Retrieve Post JSON to Databases in Codeigniter

Most application developers mix and match the APIs (Application Programming Interface) to produce their application

Running Nginx Virtual Host for Laravel sites using Docker

Sometimes, a developer is required to build their own host. Running a virtual host with containers needed for web applications.

Kirim Multiple Email Blast ke Single Email Penerima

Saat ini teknologi berbasis web menjadi alat yang digunakan perusahaan sebagai pendukung jalannya bisnis.

Update Many Records 'Date' of Excel to MySQL in One-way

I have a task to update the thousands 'Date of Births' of Excel datas into database.

Upload Image from Temporary in PHP Sessions

Uploading image is a task that is required in almost all web. Uploading image in PHP Sessions is a very simple task too.