Create a Professional Email Address Alias with Gmail

Teguh Arief

Oct 14, 2020

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Create a Professional Email Address

First things, you need to create your email address for your domain through your domain hosting provider. Once you set up your email address, you need to set up a “forwarder” to your Gmail account.

Step 1 – Login to your Administrator hosting (cPanel or other). Then to do as example:

  1. create

  2. forward to hello@*

Step 2 – Login to your Gmail account. In the upper right hand corner, click on the “Settings” button (shown circled in red below). A drop down box will appear, then click “See all the settings” button.

Step 3 – In the settings window, click on the tab “Accounts and Import” at the top. In Accounts and Import, look for “Send mail as:” (it is the third section from the top) and click on “Add another email address” link.

Step 4 – A pop-up will appear to add an email address you own (alias the domain email you set up in your hosting provider!). Set the “Name” to what you want your recipient to see. Then set the “Email address” to the exact email address you created with your hosting provider. For example:

  1. Name: Hello

  2. Email address:

Make sure “Treat as an alias” is checked. Once you have completed these fields, click “Next Step” button.

Step 5 – The “SMTP Server” should be “”, the “Username” is your server username. The “Password” is your server password given or used.

The “Port” will need to be changed based on what kink of connection you use. If using “TLS” the port needs to be set to 25. If you are using “SSL” the port needs to be set to 465.

Once you have completed these fields, click “Add Account” button.

Step 6 – Now that you have successfully added the email account, Gmail will send you a verification email with a confirmation code and a link to click on to your email address (e.g. Both “confirm” your account, but you just need to pick one to complete.

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