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Teguh Arief

Oct 02, 2020

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Illustration of Online Marketing

Today internet has become one of main communication tools in marketing property. However, there are many property agents who are ineffective in marketing the listings via internet. Some of them paid property advertising, but nothing results.

Property Ads 

Property Web Portals offer features with different services to post property ads, free or paid. And also social media that presents features that accommodate in marketing property. Of course, it features can effectively to bring potential buyers.

Referring to Google Analytics that visitor traffic (potential buyers) comes from Direct Search, Search Engines, and Social Media.

1. Direct

Buyers who search directly on Property Websites. Buyers use search feature to get the desired property information (photos, locations and maps, prices, etc.). And buyers will compare the listings that have similarities.

2. Search Engine

Buyers use a search engine (Google or Bing). Agents should research first in selecting "Title" and "Description" which have a great chance and related with buyers search.

Write a title and description

In writing, the title is not abbreviated and refers to grammar, it is explained with an explanation.

Subject to explain + Preposition + Adverb

For example: Strategic Land in Segitiga Emas Setiabudi.

For the description serves to clarify the Title.

For example: Land for sale in South Jakarta. Strategically square land in Segitiga Emas Setiabudi where located only 500 meters to Jl. Jend. Sudirman.

3. Social Media

Even though the traffic of social media users is high, it is only considered useful for link popularity on the internet. And also the tendency of social media users not to look for property.

Spread as Many Links as You Can

In order for information to be captured by search engines and popular, it is necessary to distribute as many links as possible via Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The best social media for internet popularity: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp.


This article aims that Agents will get potential buyers with more opportunities.

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