EAT is Important to YMYL Websites

Teguh Arief

Aug 12, 2022

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EAT makes important decisions of users of YMYL websites and Google's search. Image:

EAT makes important decisions of users of YMYL websites, for example in product purchases, health information, etc.

What exactly is EAT

EAT is an acronym standing for Expertise, Authority and Trust. It is covered extensively in Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines as core factor in analysing the overall quality of a website.

EAT is the term used to describe how worthy of ranking a website is, based on how well it is perceived to be able to serve the user’s needs; valid informations, trusted online tools, etc.

That means that EAT comes down to two things:

  1. How well Google understands your expertise, authority and trustworthiness

  2. How well your web users understand your expertise, authority and trustworthiness

It’s essential that you consider both the search engine and the user in your analysis of your own website’s EAT.

YMYL Websites

YMYL websites, by their very nature, affect important areas of people’s lives.

YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life. But, despite the ‘M’ in the title, it’s not just about money; YMYL actually informations that is considered to affect the health, wellbeing, safety or financial security of people.

At this point you will understand, right...

In most situations, this is fairly clear cut. For example, if your business is in any of the following industries, it will be considered part of YMYL: banking, medical advice, ecommerce, or news about important topics such as politics or business, etc.

YMYL websites with EAT tested and trusted, web users will come back, or vice versa. It will automatically affect the SERP.

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